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We’ve created this website to share the artwork and achievements of our father Leonard Weisgard, author and illustrator of over 200 children’s books. Enjoy!

We, the children of Phyllis and Leonard Weisgard, are so happy to see a renewed interest in the artwork of our father. His work is being republished to great extent in countries such as Japan, China, Holland, Italy, and America.

Leonard Weisgard author and illustrator of children's books

Leonard Weisgard author and illustrator of children’s books

Dial B for Biography: The Case of the Forgotten Photo Shoot - By Leonard S. Marcus

Dial B for Biography: The Case of the Forgotten Photo Shoot by Leonard S. Marcus Author of “Awakened by the Moon”

“You’ve done it!” began Leonard Weisgard’s characteristically warm and encouraging letter to me, written in the spring of 1992 soon after he’d read my just published biography of Margaret Wise Brown. During the ten years I spent writing my book, Leonard had done everything possible to help. He had welcomed me to Denmark and allowed me to interview him for days on end. He and his wife Phyllis had both made it clear that no question was off-limits.  Read full story here>>

The wonderful team at Orecchio Acerbo has published The Important Book in Italien!

La cosa più importante by Margaret Wise Brown - illustrations by Leonard Weisgard

Orecchio Acerbo Publishing Italy
The Important Book – La cosa più importante 2018
Written by Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrations by Leonard Weisgard

Whale’s Way and Penguin’s Way have been republished by The Bodleian Library!

We are so honoured and excited about these two books republished by The Bodleian Library Oxford University. See them here:   See Penguin’s Way here>>
See Whale’s Way here>>

On-line review from The New York Times:
“The illustrations alone warrant this handsome new edition of Johnston and Weisgard’s satisfying deep dive into the world of emperor penguins, first published in 1962. Weisgard’s dappled print technique wonderfully evokes a snowy Antarctic clime, and his penguins are, true to their name, majestic.” Read more: http://www.nytimes.com

Another on-line review from  “Books in my House”  (Blog post Tuesday 11th August 2015)

Whale's Way Penguin's Way by Johanna Johnston with illustrations by Leonard Weisgard published by The Bodleian Library Oxford UK

“Johanna Johnston was a renowned children’s author based in the USA. She also wrote scripts for radio, including for the long-running children’s series Let’s Pretend, as well as children’s stories, retellings of myths and children’s history.
Leonard Weisgard was a Caldecott award-winning illustrator who published over 200 children’s books. After studying illustration in New York he began a successful collaboration with the author Margaret Wise Brown as well as writing books of his own. He also worked with the American Library Association in the field of children’s education” See more at The Bodleian Shop

Brave Baby Elephant – Piccolo Elefante Cresce

Brave Baby Elephant by Sesyle Joslin and illustrations by Leonard Weisgard was translated into Italian and has won the Andersen award in Italy for the best children’s book in the category for 0-6 year olds May 2015.
Orecchio Acerbo  2015
Orecchio Acerbo Publishing

Leonard Weisgard author illustrator children's books - Piccolo Elefante Cresce - Brave Baby Elephant by Sesyle Joslin, illustrations by Leonard Weisgard

And now Baby Elephant Goes to China is out in Italian!

Orecchio Acerbo publishing

Leonard Weisgard author and illustrator children's books - Piccolo Elefante va in Cina by Sesyle Josliin illustrations by Leonard Weisgard