Books illustrated 1943-1949

“Something about the Author Series Vol. 19”

Margaret Wise Brown, The Noisy Bird Book,
W. R. Scott, 1943.

Golden MacDonald (pseudonym of Margaret Wise Brown), Big Dog, Little Dog, Doubleday, 1943.

Elizabeth Howard, Dorinda, Lothrop, 1944.

Golden MacDonald, Red Light, Green Light, Doubleday, 1944.

Elaine Wayne, Bucky Bear, Who Would Not Take His Nap, Lothrop, 1944.

Gweneira Maureen Williams, Timid Timothy: The Kitten Who Learned to Be Brave, W. R. Scott, 1944.

Little Lost Lamb By Golden MacDonald Pictures by Leonard Weisgard

Golden MacDonald, Little Lost Lamb, Doubleday, 1945.

Golden MacDonald, Little Lost Lamb, Doubleday, 1945.

Nettie King, Susie is a Kitten,
Garden City Publishing Co., 1945.

Margaret Wise Brown, The City Noisy Book, W. R. Scott, 1946.

Clelia Delafield, Mrs. Mallard’s Ducklings, Lothrop, 1946.

Morrell Gipson, City Country ABC,
Garden City Publishing Co., 1946.

Charlotte E. Jackson, Round the Afternoon,
Dodd, 1946.