“Leonard Weisgard “An Illustrator’s Journey,” The Thorne Gallery June 2008

“With works from the KSC Children’s Literature Festival Gallery Collection and the Thorne’s permanent collection. The Friends of the Thorne  hosted the reception and a lecture by Leonard Marcus, author of the books Beyond the Great Green Room and Golden Legacy.

The exhibit presented an overview of Weisgard’s illustrations from 22 books, including adaptations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Cinderella. He illustrated more than 200 children’s books and was in the forefront of this genre. The afterglow of his influence can still be seen in children’s books today.

Weisgard’s visual imagery was heavily influenced by the avant-garde modernist movement in the fine art world. Through stories and illustrations that reflected the many sensations a child experiences daily, a new kind of children’s book emerged.”
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Leonard Weisgard and Others: An Illustrator’s Journey,” The Thorne Gallery June 2008
Leonard Marcus is a renowned historian and critic and one of the children's book world's liveliest writers and speakers